Road freight

International road transportation of goods and goods is one of the most popular ways of delivering various goods from the European Union, Asia, and the CIS. The main advantage of this method of transportation is that the cargo is exported from the warehouse, passes customs clearance and arrives at the recipient’s warehouse without additional manipulations on loading and unloading, in which the goods may be damaged or damaged.

Thanks to the developed system of highways, the transportation of goods by this type of transport justifies itself both from the economic side and in terms of the efficiency of delivery. An important role is also played by the speed at which the delivery is carried out – on average, the car passes 650 km per day, and it does not depend much on external factors, such as the weather, unlike air and sea transport.

Features of international road transport

With the help of road transport, you can transport any type of goods and cargo – perishable, oversized, dangerous, liquid, solid, gaseous, bulk, prefabricated, general, etc. International road transport is relevant for the delivery of goods that require maintaining a temperature regime, such goods must be transported exclusively in refrigerators. Only they maintain a minus temperature for the transportation of frozen products, or a constant plus temperature for the transportation of live plants, certain household goods, etc.


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