Rail freight

International rail transportation is a traditional method of cargo delivery that arose during the industrial Revolution, but has not lost its popularity even now. This type of transportation is usually used when it is impossible to deliver large-volume and heavy goods (more than 23 tons) by road, as well as for transporting goods over distances of more than 2000 km. International transportation by train is often used for multimodal delivery – a container with cargo is loaded onto a container ship, loaded onto a train at the port of arrival and goes to the destination. Carrying out railway transportation, the company «Wajyp Chozgut»E.S. works in various directions-delivering goods from China, Europe, CIS countries and Central Asia.

International transportation by railway transport-pros and cons

International railway transportation is suitable for the transportation of all categories of goods – bulk and oversized, food and raw materials that require special conditions. Depending on the type of cargo and the requirements for its transportation, the following types of wagons can be used:

  • covered wagon-for oversized cargo that requires protection from precipitation.
  • refrigerator for goods that require maintaining a certain temperature.
    gondola car-for oversized cargo that is not afraid of precipitation.
  • tank-for materials in the form of powder, liquefied gases and liquids.
  • hopper is a type of gondola car for transporting cement, grain and other bulk cargo. Hoppers with loading hatches on the roof are used to protect the cargo.
  • dump truck for transportation and mechanized loading of bulk and bulk cargo.
  • a platform for transporting containers, cars, equipment and cargo that do not require protection from precipitation.

The advantage of cargo transportation in international railway communication is an attractive cost – if it is necessary to transport a large batch of goods over a long distance, it will be the most profitable. Another significant advantage of this method of transportation is the time frame. Cargo delivery by rail will take longer than air delivery, but much less than sea delivery. Safety is also of considerable importance – international railway transportation of goods is the safest way of delivery. There are far fewer accidents on railways than on motorways, in the air or on the water. Rail transport does not depend on weather conditions, unlike sea and air transport.

The only disadvantage of cargo delivery by rail is the lack of necessary infrastructure, because of which goods can not be delivered to all localities. Cars are used to deliver goods to hard-to-reach places.

International rail freight transportation: features of the European direction

Each direction of railway cargo transportation has its own characteristics. When making a logistics scheme for the delivery of goods from European countries, it is important to take into account that the width of the railway track in Turkmenistan and European countries is different. This factor is of great importance in the organization of rail transportation of goods from European countries, since it is necessary to change the bogies of the train or overload the wagons at the border. Most often, the cars are overloaded, because it takes less time.

International railway transportation to the CIS countries

Economic ties and transport routes on the territory of the CIS countries have been established for decades. Railways in the expanses of the former USSR are built according to the same standards, have the same track width, which does not require the organization of reloading and greatly facilitates the transportation of cargo. A special feature of this direction is the low density of railways with their considerable length. Due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure, the delivery of goods by rail is not carried out at all destinations and requires the use of a combination of different modes of transport (multimodal delivery).

International rail transportation from China and Asian countries

Trade with China and other Asian countries is one of the youngest directions in international trade, but the international railway delivery of cargo from China to Turkmenistan is carried out according to proven schemes. The Chinese cargo is transported by sea, where it passes customs clearance, then the container is loaded onto a railway train and sent to its destination.


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