Air freight

International air transportation is a fast way of cargo transportation by means of air delivery, which has had a significant impact on world trade. If it were not for air transportation, perishable products like seafood or fresh flowers could never appear on the shelves. Cargo delivery by air is considered the most expeditious way of international cargo delivery, since the transportation time is ten times less than transportation by sea, rail or road.

International air cargo transportation is used by both state-owned companies and private individuals for the air delivery of goods from the United States of America, China, Japan, Australia and other countries of the world.

The company «Wajyp Chozgut» E.S. provides services for international air transportation, in particular, it delivers cargo from China and other Asian countries. We carry out air transportation of all types of cargo (perishable, live animals, etc.). In addition, we provide such related services as cargo insurance and certification of products imported to Turkmenistan, as well as customs clearance services.

Features of air transportation

International air cargo transportation is mainly used for the transportation of expensive perishable goods. The high cost of this delivery method is justified by its short terms. When choosing air transportation from China, the United States, Europe or other countries, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. the dimensions of the transported cargo should not exceed the size of the cargo hatch, and the weight of one cargo space – 200 kg;
  2. options for using other types of transport – in some cases it is more expedient to transport goods by road or by sea;
  3. the distance of the recipient’s location from the airport.

International cargo transportation by air has a number of significant drawbacks:

  • high cost;
  • dependence on weather conditions;
  • lack of airports in many regions;
  • the transported goods must be delivered to the departure airport and consider the method of delivery to the destination from the arrival airport.

Advantages of international air transport

International air transportation is considered the fastest and most reliable way of cargo delivery. The average speed of delivery of goods by air transport is no more than a week, and if urgent delivery is necessary, it will be from one to three days. An important advantage of this method of delivery is that there are no other types of transport links with some countries, and air carriers are always ready to offer several route options. Due to its high cost, air transportation abroad is advisable for transporting important documents and letters, valuable cargo and perishable goods. With its high cost, international air transportation allows the owner of the transported goods to save on the following:

    • packaging – light and inexpensive packaging is required for air transport;
    • customs duties – with a small package weight, the fees charged for the gross weight are reduced;
    • cash expenses in cases of payment for the goods upon receipt. Fast delivery reduces the time for receiving payments;
    • storage costs. With air delivery, the need for cargo storage is often eliminated, or its period is shortened;
    • insurance – for air transportation, the amount of the insurance premium is significantly less than for sea transportation.

Terms and cost of international air cargo transportation services

The staff of the company “Wajyp Chozgut” E.S. highly values the time of its clients, so we are used to working smoothly and quickly, solving the tasks set by the client professionally and promptly. You can find out the cost of air delivery and the costs of customs clearance of your cargo in any way convenient for you.


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