Depending on the destination of the cargo and the place of delivery, the company “Wajyp Chozgut” E.S. offers transportation by road, rail, sea and air transport. If necessary, our team will develop a multimodal transportation scheme, which will take into account the advantages of all types of transport. Our employees work quickly, with guaranteed cargo safety, without time costs for the Client for processing various documents. ​​​​​

Our company works with each client individually!The rate for cargo transportation is calculated for each client separately, based on the parameters of his request.

Road freight

Road cargo transportation is still the leading type of transportation. The use of motor transport allows you to lay a flexible transportation route.

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Sea freight

Sea cargo transportation is still in steady demand, regardless of the global economic situation.

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Rail freight

The railway freight transportation market is consistently characterized by high demand, regardless of the market situation.

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Air freight

Air transportation consistently demonstrates positive dynamics. While the volume of passenger traffic is decreasing, the number of transported goods and mail is increasing.

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We work in partnership with all the main representatives of logistics in Turkmenistan

  • Fast order processing.
  • Search and provision of transport.
  • Compliance with the terms and conditions.
  • Control over the execution.
  • Formation of reports.

The majority of both Turkmen and foreign companies trust us, and we continue to please them with our service and services

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